Thousands of leaders all over the world are experiencing the same frustrations and pain that we experienced. They’re stressed. They’re frustrated. They’re giving up on their dreams. They’re walking away from companies they’ve poured their lives into. Their families are falling apart.

That’s why we’ve committed the rest of our lives to help future leaders – kids and teens, particularly those who are at-risk – learn to live with purpose, lead with passion, and leave a legacy.

So everything we do and every space we create is for this one reason. Here’s why…

Our Story


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The Retreat at Guidestone Hills is an initiative of The GreenTree Project, a non-profit charity that functions solely to provide funding for education and resources for future leaders – children, middle school, high school, and college students, and young leaders.

All revenue and funding for The Retreat at Guidestone Hills and The GreenTree Project is used exclusively for charitable purposes including education, scholarships, events, and training for children, students, and young leaders.