img_2504A great coach tells you what you may not be prepared to hear, helps you see what you could not see, and can help you improve beyond what you ever thought you could be.

A coach can lead you beyond your ideas, vision, and dreams to help you reach your fullest potential. The ultimate goal of a coach is to lead others to succeed beyond what they ever thought possible.

Our coaches and mentors have helped scores of children, teens, young adults as well as executives, managers, administrators, and leaders do just that. And they’re ready to serve you. Scholarships and discounted services are available for coaching services for the next generation of leaders through the The GreenTree Project.

There are 5 ways a coach can help you

  1. Define your current reality by helping you identify, What is my present situation? Where am I headed?
  2. Clarify your vision and goals. Many people continually react to their current reality rather than living with purpose. A coach first leads you to define what success looks like so you can set goals toward achieving it.
  3. Identify roadblocks to your vision by helping you identify and address areas of comfort and familiarity that are commonly overlooked as barriers to your success.
  4. Test your thinking, opinions, conclusions, and behavior. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – doing the same things and thinking the same way while expecting different results.
  5. Establish accountability. Ask yourself, Am I making progress? Am I growing? Am I accomplishing my vision? Many get off track because they confuse intent or busyness with progress.img_3381

Coaching Benefits

  • Fully-customized one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Exclusive group coaching opportunities
  • Full access to Guidestone University, online leadership training
  • Access to all of our available courses, books, templates, guides, and resources
  • Direct access to our coaches via phone and a private email address
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